The Mon Essentiel Difference

At Mon Essentiel, we care for you and we put you first. We believe that you deserve the best natural products that would help you enjoy a healthy and balanced life. A year back we looked round the candle collections in stores as well as online and we were surprised that very few healthy candle options were available and even those who did hardly offered true aromatherapy candles. This is mostly due to the cost and challenges of making candles with essential oils and vegetable wax.

We, on the other hand, wish to bring you the best of what nature has to offer in using pure soy wax and 100% essential oils all blended to enhance your wellbeing. We never use artificial fragrances or petrochemicals such as paraffin which is a toxic and cancer-causing substance used in most ordinary candles. So consider the options carefully and their therapeutic benefits when making a purchase. That’s why here at Mon Essentiel we promise that our products only contain essential oils and vegetable wax and nothing else. We use the highest amount of essential oils to create a luxury treatment product with the optimum therapeutic benefits – ensuring a moment of bliss. We believe that once you have experienced the therapeutic power of our aromatherapy products they will become an essential part of your life.

Our hand-poured wood wick candles add a touch of luxury to your home and fill your living space with divine aromas and a sense of serenity. They are 100% natural, scented strongly from top to bottom, burn clean, 50% longer lasting, and biodegradable.

Every Mon Essentiel product is hand-made in South Africa using quality natural ingredients with you in mind.

Our Ethos

We put the people and the planet first. Our business is about helping people we consider friends to enhance health and wellness. Therefore,

  • We indulge in no animal testing
  • Our containers and packaging are reusable, biodegradable and recyclable
  • We hand-make our products ourselves with love and care to ensure quality.
  • Our candle wax is a vegetarian product made using no petrochemicals or toxic substances
  • We use 100% essential oils in our candles and no artificial or synthetic fragrances or “nature identicals” or filler isolates.