Our premium naturally hand-poured aromatherapy candle adds a touch of luxury to your home. Infused with essential oils, it fills the room with divine aromas.

Scent: An exquisite blend of refreshing lemongrass and spicy citrus bergamot notes gives energy, strength and a sense of freshness.


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Why Choose Mon Essentiel Soy Candles?

Our hand-poured wood wick candles add a touch of luxury to your home and fill your living space with divine aromas and a sense of serenity. They are 100% natural, scented strongly from top to bottom, burn clean, 50% longer lasting, and biodegradable.

The Mon Essentiel Difference

At Mon Essentiel, we care for you and we put you first. We believe that you deserve the best natural products that would help you enjoy a healthy and balanced life. We bring to you the best of what nature has to offer in using pure soy wax and 100% essential oils all blended to enhance your wellbeing.